Router TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 configuration.

That manual would teach you how to configure your TP-LINK home Wi-Fi router which called TL-WDR3600. Default router Wi-Fi networks are active, but encrypted by WPA2 encryption and key which was wrote on router. So you can’t configure device without Ethernet. Step by step configuration can be done via web panel or using special utility for Windows.


If you want to get in special panel, you need to type IP address in browser bar. The most routers use You can’t get on router interface page if you write because TP-LINK usually uses for their routers. For your convenience has been founded IP addresses which are used by TP-link company. While Netgear decorates the interface routers nicely in “Web 2.0” and try to stick to old traditionals. Control panel decorated by signature green and white colored lights which are splited on three round shape cutouts. Left frame is menu with the main and drop-down points, center frame is current partition and right frame is quick help on it which sometimes describe trivial things like option “ON” enables feature and option “OFF” disable it. TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 diagnostic tools include ping and traceroute. Capacity management restrict inbound and outbound traffic as a whole or with rules, ports, and addresses or their ranges. IPv6 is supported. WDS afford router to combine from two to infinity numbers of wireless networks (for each diapason separately).

In addition to usual particular external port forwarding to a specified internal IP address, there are two ways of port forwarding. Port Triggering afford you to create General port-forwarding rules which not depended on a specific intranet address. They are enabled for a client who uses these ports earlier than others. Demilitarized zone (DMZ) makes the specified internal address is available for any Internet connections. This DMZ address should be only one. Automatical booking of local addresses which sended out with help of DHCP don’t exist. When you reconnect computers, your home network will receive new address which can ends on number from 100 to 199. All network adapters must be registered manually if you don’t want some failures in rules. For example you can take situation when someone tries to set up torrent on IP address of computer with running torrent client. MAC and IP addresses of the adapters can be found in “Support” tab in the state of active network connections or ipconfig /all (or ifconfig if you are using a UNIX-like system).

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Also you can see in the DHCP client list. Capacity configuration is done manually by IP addresses and ports. Services dynamic DNS (DDNS) support No-IP, Dyndns and Comexe. If you sign up on some of them, you would get chance to keep any servers in your house. Security function will enable protection against attacks like DDoS(DoS) when hooligans attack address. This protection triggers if count of sended WAN packets per second will top specified limit.